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The huge diversity of Sulawesi’s landscapes is only surpassed by the big ethnical, cultural and regligious diversity. Over half of the Sulawesi population lives in the fertile valleys and plains in the south, while another large group lived around Manado and the neighboring Minahasa region in the northeast. Makassar, the biggest city of Sulawesi, is a melting pot of populations and cultures.

Most well-known are the coastal- and lowland-populations from the south: the Buginese (about 3,5 milion), the Makassarese (1,5 milion), the Mandarese (half a milion) and the Toraja (one third of a milion) in the highlands.

The Places ” Must Visit ” in Sulawesi Island :

Standing majestically at the western coast of Makassar Fort Rotterdam is recognized as the city’s most iconic landmark. With historical traces dating back to the Kingom of Gowa from the 16thth century to colonization by the Dutch, this Fort has silently witnessed many episodes in Makassar’s history, playing a most essential role in its development. Its magnificence and authenticity.

Toraja is most well known for its elaborate funeral ceremonies that can take days and involve entire villages. These are not only moments for mourning but are moreover events to renew family ties and to ensure continued unity among villages and communities. Death ceremonies, however, are held only after the last rice harvest is in and cleared, which is normally between July to September, while ceremonies celebrating life are held in conjunction with the planting season which starts in October.

The Togians are a picturesque archipelago of 56 islands and inlets, 30 km south of the equator, located in the Tomini Bay. Formed by volcanic activity, the islands are covered by lush rainforest and surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. Water temperature average 31 degrees celsius and in perfect sea and weather conditions (which is often), the average underwater visibility is up to 45 meters.


The Bada Valley or Napu Valley, as it is sometimes called, is located in the District of Poso in Central Sulawesi, and is part of the Lore Lindu National Park. The valley is particularly prized for the beauty of its natural environment – a scenic expanse of rice paddies and green plains, engraved with small streams, and surrounded by soft rolling hills which give way to dense forests and rocky mountains . The Bada Valley is world famous for its prehistoric relics from an ancient megalithic culture. Dozens of finely carved megaliths dating between 1,000 – 5,000 years old are scattered across the valley.


Bunaken is an 8.08 km² island in the Bay of Manado, situated in the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken forms part of the administrative city of Manado , capital of North Sulawesi. The marine Park around Bunaken is part of the  National Park that also includes the ocean around the island of  Manado Tua – or Old Manado, Siladen and Mantehage.


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